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Software's success lies in whether the Information Architecture and Technical Architecture have been executed well. Development and coding cannot help if the architecture has not been done correctly. Insoft can help you design your product. We have expert Systems and Business analysts who can deliver quality analytical services and provide you with solutions for your business needs.

Our Consultants will have joint discussions with you and analyze your business and functional requirements. These requirements are documented and presented for approval. Based on these requirements, usability design, technical solutions and feasibility are arrived. The technical solutions along with the architecture and design are documented. The estimations and cost analysis is also done.

Once this is prepared, your ideas or requirements have actually been given shape and are ready to be developed. You do not have to worry about whether the development team has understood your needs or business goals. The analysis documents will be able to guide the team for a successful development of the software.

Our consultants also have expertise in analyzing legacy systems. We work on them and reverse engineer the entire process and propose solutions that will help you keep pace with technology and growing needs.

We follow systems and procedures to ensure quality.

We are also into software development if you wish to continue development with us. At the end of the day we help our clients achieve success.


By the way, with some GeoIP guesswork, it looks like you're in or near Bulgaria. Atanas is available for quick assistance.


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