Internet Presence management & Graphics

Make my company visible

Internet presence management (IPM) is a process in which many web - or internet based channels are used to promote a company. This greatly increases the visibility of such company and therefore its internet efficiency.

Modules offered are:

    •    graphical designs, online house style design.
    •    Websites, mini websites, linked landing sites
    •    Search engine Optimization
    •    e-commerce part,
    •    email, email headers, signatures, templates
    •    newsletters
    •    integration into social networks, and the design of those
    •    Blogs
    •    Forums

Advanced modules are:

    •    sales force integration
    •    ERP integration
    •    Web analytics
Insoft has been successfully supplying all these services separately for many years. They have now been integrated into a clear and transparent process which is priced per integrated module. For more info, please contact us


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