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Software modernization

The skill to adapt and upgrade existing applications to their current maximum technological - and economical potential.

Do you recognize the following challenges?

  • I can no longer find hardware to run my legacy applications on

  • I have a server to run the application, but our new laptops can't access it, or they need to run a virtual machine.

  • They just stopped support for the operating system of my legacy application

  • My legacy applications cannot interface with new technology

  • I wish at least part of my application was web enabled

  • I can not find any more developers to maintain my applications or even worse:

  • The very last developer I had who knew the code, just retired

  • I think my applications are not documented well

If you recognized yourself in 2 or more of the situations described above, you should contact us.

Insoft provides coordinated, process driven legacy application migration services. And in most cases, we do not even need to rebuild what you already have. Call us for more information.


By the way, with some GeoIP guesswork, it looks like you're in or near Bulgaria. Atanas is available for quick assistance.


We have the pleasure to present you the latest innovative InSoft’s project “Virtual Office”! Through its unique function of assisting the user through artificial intelligence, the system can be ...

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We cooperate with Insoft for over ten years now and hope to do so for the next decade. We are very impressed by the quality of the Insoft team working on our projects. Not only the code top quality ...

It is almost incredible how easy it is to work "long distance" . It has always been the major concern for me and the reason NOT to start doing this.. But after the experience I have had, I can assure ...