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We have the pleasure to present you the latest innovative InSoft’s project “Virtual Office”!


Through its unique function of assisting the user through artificial intelligence, the system can be defined as world-class software which surpasses the alternative solutions available at the moment!

"Virtual Office" will realize electronic communications that will significantly reduce the cost of physical resources - paper, energy, materials and consumables, transport and, above all, staff resources.
"Virtual Office" offers a solution aimed at improving business communication, training for the needs of different user groups: small and medium enterprises, corporate sector, educational and governmental organizations.
The product makes easier the conducting virtual conferences, operations and workshops, training, especially when there are several remote offices.


Module "Multimedia Electronic Presentations"

In this module, presentations can be created, edited and viewed in real time. Each presentation is protected by username and password and can be accessed by users with predefined access.
Opportunities for:

- Individual approach to learner;

- Diagnostics of errors and feedback;

- Visual graphic information;

- Modeling of processes and occurrences;

- Browse materials from different levels of complexity, illustrations and animations to the text;


Video Conferencing Module

The module provides video conferencing, recording of all video links, group and individual chat. Real-time recordings can be made using features for:
- Writing;

- Drawing;

- Drawing with a direct connection via mobile devices;

- Sharing the screen;

- Sharing the microphone;

- Sharing the camera between the participants;

- Video clips lessons (detailed explanation of how to use the system);


Module "Electronic repository"

Here users with access can:

- Create their own profile;

- Create storage with resources such as books, textbooks, and more;

- Have partial or full access, depending on their status;

- Maintaining Personal Electronic Storage;

- Save files / resources;

- Searches and retrieves information back from the files;


Smartboard module

This module includes several sub-modules:

  1. EasyMeeting
  2. EasyNote
  3. M-class
  4. Easy show

They have extremely easy to use menu, are a function of artificial intelligence as they provide:

-  Ability to work on a whiteboard such as writing, painting, erasing;

- Maintaining a SoftPen (drawing / writing);

- Zoom in /out on the screen;

- Can be installed on Windows and / or Android-based devices;

- Module for collecting feedback from trainees;

- Module for text communication;

- Customize all content and background;

- Combining graphic images and video;

- Content handling - sizing, rotation;


Our policy is based on individual attitude towards each client due to the specifics of its activity. This is one of the reasons we have multiple referrals and have an excellent reputation in the IT sphere of international markets.

Take advantage of working with our latest Virtual Office software and make sure our experts are right!


Experience the ultimate convenience of communicating with colleagues, managers, and business partners when your offices are away.


We guarantee that you will be pleased with the practical and high quality software at a profitable price!


By the way, with some GeoIP guesswork, it looks like you're in or near Bulgaria. Atanas is available for quick assistance.


We have the pleasure to present you the latest innovative InSoft’s project “Virtual Office”! Through its unique function of assisting the user through artificial intelligence, the system can be ...

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