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Our Quality Assurance

In projects for end users, quality is usually  defined by 6 main quality characteristics, namely:

  • Functionality

  • Reliability

  • Usability

  • Efficiency

  • Maintainability

  • Portability

Insoft however, usually works for  IT - or technology companies. This requires a much more accurate and different set of quality characteristics. On top of that, they should be measurable in real time . Insoft self-tests its own work on a weekly basis and quantifies the quality level of a project at that time with the following parameters and in order of importance:

  • Look and Feel: users of an application "see" it before it the "use" it

  • Clear Specifications : a specification is clear when it is testable.

  • Documentation: proper documentation avoid later stress

  • Functioning as per the specification

  • Technical Architecture : if something is designed right, it should work better

  • Coding standards : the agreed standard of coding and commenting of the code

  • Code logic : how smart the code is built

  • Timely delivery

This set of variables judges the state of a project, seen from a much more technical point of view.  Each project at Insoft is measured weekly like this, and results are communicated right through to top management.


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